57 Best Beauty Blog to Follow in 2016


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It seems like everyone with the internet runs a beauty blog these days. If you’re looking for a beauty blog in line with your personal style, you’ll have to sift through a lot of duds to find a few gems. These are our exclusive picks for the top 57 beauty blogs, covering everyone’s lifestyle and style preferences. Whether you’re a minimalist, a girl on the go, or your entire life revolves around glamour, you’ll be able to find a blog (or several blogs!) here that’s in touch with your interests. Every woman is different, and we’ve selected these blogs to help you express your individuality.

1. Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss logoRun by the glossier team, Into The Gloss is a fully functional beauty eZine with user driven content and professional makeup tips. If you like reading magazines, but wish the content was more focused on makeup related topics, you’ll find The Gloss is everything you’ve always wanted. You won’t have to click through tons of fashion posts or an overwhelming amount of celebrity gossip to find the things you’re most interested in reading. They’ve even sorted the content into narrower categories for you. 

2. The Beauty Department

The Beauty DepartmentKristin Ess and Amy Nadine are eager to have you become a part of their world. This beauty blog has a cozy, intimate feel, as most of the content is generated by the two women alone. You’ll find makeup tutorials created by Amy Nadine, who serves as the figurehead for the makeup portion of the site. Kristin Ess handles everything having to do with hair. If you want to read a reputable blog that covers a lot of beauty related topics, but doesn’t feel impersonal, you’ll feel right at home here.

3. Style Craze

Style Craze logoStyleCraze is an aggregator style site. This means the content is curated by multiple people, and inspired by other popular content across similar beauty blogs. Since this blog is based out of India, they pay special attention to trends in Indian hair and makeup. Outside of this, you’ll find more universal trends, such as information about nails, hair care, skin care, and general health and wellness topics. StyleCraze even has a section for relevant news and top ten lists.

4. Temptalia

TempaliaWhere would the world be without Temptalia? Perhaps the most comprehensive beauty review site in the world, this blog is a treasure trove of vital information for anyone who likes to research their makeup before they make a person. Tools like the swatch and comparison matrixes simplify everything. The grading system and meticulous reviews allow you to determine whether or not a product is worth the money. Before you make a big investment on that high end palette you’ve been dying to get your hands on, see what Temptalia has to say about it first.

5. Beauty News NYC

Beauty News NYCBeauty News NYC is serving up the same simple charm it’s been creating since 2003. You won’t find anything fancy or complicated on their website. Billing itself as “the first online beauty magazine”, Beauty News NYC is easy to navigate. If you’re looking for some light reading, or an interesting way to pass the time, try clicking around on this blog. Slaves to fashion will appreciate their articles and lists about fashion and accessories – something a lot of beauty blogs overlook.

6. The Small Things

The Small Things BlogKatie, a married mother of two, originally started posting hair tutorials for her clients on Pinterest. As interest grew in the tutorials she was sharing, people came to want more from her. That’s how The Small Things was started. Katie runs this blog herself. The primary focus is on hair related content, such as tutorials, tips, and hair care information, though you’ll also find content related to light makeup. Since this blog is so personal in many of its touches, you’ll get the most from it if you find that your style and taste overlap with the things that Katie is passionate about. In addition to being a hair and beauty blogger, she also features mommy blogger content on The Small Things.

7. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge BlogIf you’ve been around the internet world of makeup, there’s no way you haven’t stumbled upon Lisa Eldridge. Unlike many people who lend their voices to the makeup community on the internet, Lisa was a professional makeup artist first and a beauty blogger and Youtuber second. She’s eager to share her professional tips with you – showing you the products she uses on celebrities and clever little workarounds for beauty mishaps. If you’ve ever wanted your own personal professional makeup artist, Lisa does the best she can to bring that experience right to your laptop.

8. Truth In Aging

Truth In Aging BlogTruth in Aging is also a store, but it’s the blog feature that’s massively useful. This blog tries and reviews every kind of skin care you can think of – including those products that cost thousands of dollars for a tiny little jar. They review products as a whole, as well as key ingredients that many companies tout as being unbeatable in their performance power. You’d be surprised how much skin care on the market today is all smoke and mirrors. Poke around their blog and see what really works and what’s a rip off before you make your next skin care purchase.

9. Keiko Lynn

Keiko LynnKeiko Lynn, a resident of Brooklyn, chronicles her life, style, and creative tastes on this personal blog. Along with your standard makeup tutorials and product features, you’ll also be able to see photos of her travels, her life experiences, and glimpses inside of her home. It can be very difficult to find a reputable beauty blogger with hooded eyes, so ladies out there who aren’t working with a lot of lid space will appreciate her tutorials, because they’re so easy to duplicate.

10. xSparkage

Leesha - xsparkage blogLeesha has been making beauty videos since the dawn of the YouTube age. We’ve watched her grow as a makeup artist as she’s chronicled her journey on film. What sets Leesha apart from other beauty bloggers is her love of bright colored looks that break away from the tedium of neutral and brown smokey looks that flood the world of tutorials. Her themed tutorials, such as looks inspired by popular film characters, and her love for quirky celebrity looks are things that draw readers in. If you’re looking to spice up your current makeup routine, you’ll find some novel ideas in the tutorials section of her blog.

11. Really Ree

Really Ree BlogReally Ree is effectively a hodgepodge of all things. Her blog doesn’t focus specifically on makeup, but rather all things that many noted beauty gurus seem to like. There are candle, soap, and styling tool reviews mingling with Ree’s take on popular new palette, collection, and set releases from both high end and drugstore brands. There’s also an articles section of the website that features many common beauty product mistakes and how to avoid them.

12. Zoella

Zoella blogZoella’s blog features two of the finest things in life: beauty, and food. Her kitschy style and taste for all things fancy translates into her blog, which is visually appealing and features a lot of stunning images. You may come for the makeup, but stay to get a glimpse into Zoella’s life. She keeps an online diary for her readers to peek into her mind. She also shares posts and photos from her vacations and events she’s attended.

13. British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty BloggerThis blog, founded by Jane Cunningham, is exactly how it sounds. If you live in the UK and have a hard time getting your hands on some of the items that beauty bloggers in the US and Canada are raving about, it’s easy to feel very frustrated. Jane started this blog so you’ll be able to see reviews and demonstrations of the products you can find at any store near you in the UK. This is especially helpful for drugstore beauty products, as there are many UK exclusive brands and Western brands you can’t find overseas. Whether you live in the UK or you’re simply planning a vacation there, Jane will help you navigate the beauty landscape.

14. Galtime

galtimeGalTime is the blog every beauty loving mother has been waiting for. With plenty of information about relationships, marriage, and motherhood spliced in, this becomes more of a lifestyle blog for the woman who wants to look and feel good, but also has a home life and a family to prioritize. Many of the tutorials and articles are geared at women who don’t have much time to devote to their beauty rituals, but still want to approach their day with their best face and stay current on popular beauty trends.

15. The Chriselle Factor

Millennials rejoice. The Chriselle Factor is focused on the beauty and lifestyle topics that mean the most to you. There’s plenty of content on simple styling, for those of us who aren’t so fashion forward and could use a few simple tips to get our outfits on point. The intern or the college student will appreciate her quick tips, which are heavily influenced by Korean beauty and fashion. Reviews of multi-use products and tips to getting the most out of what you have can help you save a few bucks, as well.

16. Vivianna Does Makeup

Vivian Does MakeupAs you may have guessed by the title, this blog is run by Vivianna, and Vivianna does makeup. You’ll find a lot of makeup content on her blog, particularly in the form of videos. Like most beauty blogs, this is also a lifestyle blog. You’ll see tons of information about Vivianna’s preferences is healthy meals, fitness routines, and interior décor. One of the most interesting things you’ll find on her blog is The Beauty Bag series, where she shows what a variety of women carry in their makeup bags. It’s a great way to find out about new products and pick up some style influence.

17. We Heart This

weheartthisWe Heart This is not specifically a beauty blog, but rather a blog that features some beauty categories. It’s more of a general collaborative of things that the editors love, and because the blog is aimed at and run by females, a lot of makeup products pop up. With the emphasis being placed on value priced sets, unique new collections, and currently hyped-up products, viewing makeup content on We Heart It gets straight and to the point. You’re only going to see the products that people care about the most, so you won’t have to sift through broader posts and reviews of products that you aren’t necessarily interested in. 

18. Beauty Editor

Beauty editor blogBeauty Editor is a one stop shop for all things celebrity makeup. If you’re the kind of person who watches the award shows just to see what everyone’s wearing on their face, you’ll feel right at home on this blog. If you’re trying to dupe a celeb look, you’ll appreciate the close up shots that showcase the makeup, as well as the editorial comments beneath those photos. It’s so much easier to copy a celebrity makeup look if you can get a good, close look at exactly what it is you’re attempting to emulate.

19. Vampy Varnish

Vampy VarnishKelly has been happily running Vampy Varnish for quite some time now. Originally a blog focused on her favorite nail polishes, best known for having so many swatches that allowed you to see what the polish looked like on real nails before you bought it, Vampy Varnish has expanded a little. Though the blog is primarily about nail polish, Kelly also shares some of her favorite makeup items, as well as small glimpses of her day-to-day life. You’ll also stumble upon a lot of independent polish brands who make products too unique for you to find at a regular salon or drugstore.

20. I'm A Beauty Geek

Beauty Geeks is a multi-contributor, award winning blog that maintains a broad focus. While you’ll find that most beauty blogs seem to be targeted to a particular niche or age range, Beauty Geeks tries to post makeup content for both your average middle schooler, and a sixty year old woman who wants to age gracefully. Their diverse content draws in a diverse readership, so there’s something for everyone to read at learn on Beauty Geeks.

21. My Beauty Bunny

My Beauty BunnyVegetarians, vegans, animal lovers, or even people who are trying to live a more ethical lifestyle will find that My Beauty Bunny is an excellent resource. This blog only features 100% cruelty free makeup, hair care, fashion, and skin care. You’ll be able to see a treasure trove of amazing products that aren’t tested on animals. While this blog isn’t specifically targeted to vegans or vegetarians, they do have a section of products that meet their standards, such as those that don’t contain any ingredients that are derived from animals or insects.

22. Maskcara

MaskaraMaskCara is a blog, but also a store. Though the proprietor sells her own products she’s developed through her personal experience with makeup, you’ll also be able to find comprehensive information about contouring, highlighting and base makeup, which are Cara’s favorite aspects of creating a full face. If you’re really into flawless skin, you’ll find a ton of articles and tutorials here. Outside of skin, Cara also features very natural, wearable looks that are friendly for work and school. Lovers of fresh beauty and the no-makeup makeup look will be able to spend hours looking through Cara’s archives.

23. Beauty Bets

beautybetsBeauty Bets is clean, streamlined, and very organized. What sets this blog apart from similar blogs is its section devoted entirely to indie beauty. Indie brands produce some of the most revolutionary makeup products, but not many people will hear of them because of their limited availability or niche market. Bets loves discovering hidden gems from specialty brands, and she loves giving her readers all the info about them. If you want to discover something new, share your journey with Bets.

24. London Beauty Queen

London Beauty QueenLondon Beauty Queen is a beauty blog aimed at current or aspiring beauty bloggers. You don’t come across these kinds of blogs very often, but they’re excellent for people inside of the industry who have become disillusioned by its charm. It has all the features of a regular, successful beauty blog, but a specialized section for blogging advice, as well as articles aimed at beauty bloggers who are looking to strengthen their presence. If you want to start a blog of your very own, London Beauty Queen has every necessary bit of advice. .

25. Future Derm

future dermFutureDerm has some makeup stuff too, but the emphasis of this blog is mostly based on skin care. It’s a breath of fresh air for people who want to do more for their faces than simply apply makeup. You won’t see any drugstore products on FutureDerm, which deals with mainly high end products and the claims they make. If you plan to shell out a pretty penny on skin care, it doesn’t hurt to see what FutureDerm thinks of the product before you spend a lot on a product that’s only going to do a little.

26. Real Style Network

real styleReal Style Network is the style blog for people who cannot get enough. If you’re very forward about trends, what’s in, what’s out, and how to make yourself more current, this is like an encyclopedia of all things modern. If you’re looking to do a big update to your wardrobe and makeup collection, Real Style Network will show you where to start. This blog also publishes a magazine for people who prefer to read content formatted in the traditional style

27.Clumps of Mascra

clumpsof mascraMascara, mascara, mascara! You’ll find reviews and demonstrations of a variety of popular beauty products on Clumps of Mascara, but as you may have assumed, this blog exists mostly to help you bat your lashes. See close up shots of brushes, and the way the mascara applies with varying numbers of coats. Find out which mascaras are worth a splurge, and what all the hidden drugstore gems are. Find your new holy grail mascara to incorporate into your everyday makeup routine. .

28. The Sunday Girl

The Sunday GirlThe Sunday Girl features products and reviews, as well as a whole host of advice. You’ll discover products, and also the best ways to use them. If you suffer from adult acne, The Sunday Girl is here to help you with your struggle. This blog also runs regular articles on budget beauty for those who want to stretch their money as far as possible without sacrificing the quality of the products they purchase. Find dupes that will make you look like a million bucks but only cost a few dollars. 

29. Phyrra

phyrraPhyrra is known for her love of the unconventional, and her blog is where she shares that love with you. If you’re a little offbeat, and most people would consider your style quirky, Phyrra’s looks are right up your alley. She’s the kind of girl who’s eager to work with green lipstick and neon eyeshadow. You may pick up some tips from her unconventional combinations that will cause you to think outside of the box. If you aren’t so adventurous, she also features product reviews and some more wearable tutorials.

30. 15 minute Beauty

15minutebeautyChristine, the woman who runs 15 Minute Beauty, is a busy pediatric doctor and a mother of two. She really realizes how little time there is in the day, and uses her blog to help other busy beauty aficionados who are also put in a time crunch. A lot of her tips are designed to reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready, so you can go about your busy life with a fresh, beautiful face and a confident strut. Her speedy advice doesn’t only apply to makeup – you’ll find plenty on her blog about hair and nails in a hurry.

31. Chic Profile

chicprofileThis blog is maintained by Tavia, a native to Romania. It’s simple enough to navigate, and there aren’t a lot of bells and whistles. If you live in Romania and can’t find tutorials and reviews on reputable blogs of products sold in your country, or you’re simply curious about drugstore and local brands across the world, Chic Profile can satisfy your needs. She also devotes a special section of her blog solely to MAC cosmetics, so MAC enthusiasts will have plenty to look at.

32. Hello Doll Face

hellodollfaceHello Dollface isn’t really a beauty blog. It’s more of a health and wellness blog that posts the occasional snippet about beauty. Cindy features cruelty free, organic, and all natural beauty products on her blog, which mostly contains information about health. She’s also very passionate about breast cancer awareness and prevention. If you’re more of a health enthusiast with a mild interest in beauty, Hello Dollface is for you. 

33. Hot Beauty Health

Hot Beauty HealthIn a worl flooded by beauty, hair, nail, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness blogs, it can be hard to determine why certain blogs should stand out above the others. The defining characteristic of Hot Beauty Health is that Diana, the woman who runs the blog, is always on top of where to find freebies. She keeps a list on her website linking you to what beauty and health brands are offering free samples, and she updates it regularly. That’s a huge draw to her blog. Everyone loves free stuff!

34. I Covet thee

IcovetTheeAlix, founder of I Covet Thee, started her blog to share her obsessions with the world. This is not limited to her obsession with cosmetics and fashion, but also her obsessions with the things she loves in her everyday life. If you don’t get sucked in by her gorgeous product photos, you’ll surely be mesmerized by her minimalist glamourous tutorials. Best of all, Alix is a proud owner of hooded eyelids, making her one of few successful beauty bloggers who can serve as an inspiration to those of us working with small lids. .

35. Nikkie Tutorials

NikkieTutorialsBased in Netherlands, Nikki has been creating YouTube tutorials since she was a young teenager. Now, she has grown so much notoriety for her undeniable talent and creative vision that her life as a beauty blogger and YouTuber has changed dramatically. When she’s not doing makeup for Kat Von D or Jeffree Star, she shares her knowledge on her blog and her YouTube channel. Everyone can learn something from Nikki, who has cemented her place at the top of the beauty blogger ladder. 

36. Beauties Junikies Unite

BeautiesAsjunkieAmber is a licensed cosmetologist with over ten years of experience working inside of the beauty industry. Her insight, combined with her passions, make Beauty Junkies Unite come to life. This blog offers you a different perspective. You’re getting the opinions of someone who has extensive hands-on experience across many brands and aspects of the beauty industry, and it helps to weigh your opinions against someone who’s laid their roots in that word.

37. Beauty Banter

beauty banterBeauty Banter is a multi-contributor, award winning blog that maintains a broad focus. While you’ll find that most beauty blogs seem to be targeted to a particular niche or age range, Beauty Banter tries to post makeup content for both your average middle schooler, and a sixty year old woman who wants to age gracefully. Their diverse content draws in a diverse readership, so there’s something for everyone to read at learn on Beauty Banter.

38. A girls gotta spa

A girl gotta spaYou probably read a lot of blogs about hair, nails, makeup, and fashion, but where do you go to research body care? A Girl Gotta Spa is a specialized niche blog, focusing on spa products. You’ll find reviews of facial skin care, professional quality body care, and even aromatherapy candles. This blog fills the gap left by a lot of similar blogs that neglect to focus on these important categories. Use this blog to up your bath and body game. 

40. My newest Addiction

mynewestaddictionMy Newest Addiction is exactly what it sounds like. Laura started this blog so she could share all of her newest addictions with the world. She tries out new products – especially those that are heavily lusted after in the online beauty community – and contributes her two cents on them. Laura got her start doing Face of the Day posts with her favorite products, and people loved her style so much that they started asking her questions. This culminates in a charming blog that features all of the products she loves. 

41. The Beauty Look Book

The Beauty Look Book BlogSabrina is all about luxury beauty products, and that’s the image she presents on The Beauty Look Book. She’s all about Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior, and Louboutin. If you share her passion for luxury makeup, you’ll find her to be your greatest conspirator on your shopping trips. If you’re not looking to spend a ton of money on makeup, you can live vicariously through her experiences. She posts tons of photos, as well as her personal opinions on the products she features. 

42. Beauty Junkie London

beautyJunkieLondonAs you can assume, Jen is a beauty junkie, and she lives in London. In addition to her experiences with a variety of beauty products, her blog also showcases some of the finer points of London. You aren’t likely to grow bored reading her content, because Jen spices things up quite often. She’s as much of a makeup junkie as she is a foodie – she loves posting photos of delicious meals she’s had around London, and recommending restaurants to her readers. If you’re a beauty junkie who plans to take a trip to the home of The Beatles, Jen gives you the run down on everything you need to know.

43. She is in the Glow

sheisinthwglowShe’s in the Glow is certainly a specialty blog. If you’ve ever seen someone with gorgeous, flawless, radiant skin and wished the skin you were in looked a little more like theirs, this blog exists to help you figure out what it will take to get your skin up to par. This blog reviews skin care products and also features nutritional and health information that contributes to skin health. We all love amazing foundation, but wouldn’t it be even better to have skin so wonderful that we didn’t even need it?

44. Blushing Noir

BlushingNoirBrooke, a married mother of two, outright claims to be the biggest enabler. By that, she means she features products on her blog that are so good, she’ll encourage you to go out and buy them all up. In addition to being a beauty blogger, she also works part time for Pur Minerals, a cosmetics brand sold in Ulta stores. Don’t be fooled – she loves a whole lot more than just the brand she works for, and she’s eager to gush about all the makeup products she can’t live without.

45. The Non Blonde

thenoblondeThe Non Blonde lends its specialty focus to two subjects – perfume, and makeup brushes. The perfume catalogue by itself is extensive and impressive. Gaia organizes her top perfumes by their main notes, and outlines what other notes accompany them. You can view her lists, find notes you like, and read her top picks in each category. She’s also working on a comprehensive guide to makeup brushes – starting with complexion brushes and moving forward. 

46. Pink sith

PinkSithElvira, the woman behind Pink Sith, is equal parts self described “nerd” and beauty junkie. Her love for science fiction trickles into her blog, with a Star Wars theme and special emphasis on products and looks reminiscent of those found within the genre. Unfortunately, Elvira doesn’t update Pink Sith anymore. Fortunately, her posts still exist as an archive you can enjoy. In addition to her beauty content, she’s written some hilarious satirical pieces about beauty standards and past trends. 

47. Cosmetic Candy

Cosmetic Candy BlogRowena doesn’t take her blog too seriously, and neither should you. She reviews whatever she wants, and it just so happens that most of those things are beauty related. In addition to makeup, she also reviews beauty tools, candles, hygiene products, and anything else a woman might use. She also features DIY craft projects, such as simple knit accessories. Cosmetic Candy is something of a variety pack – there’s something new every day. 

48.The makeup Blogger

TheMakeupbloggerCould this blog possibly have a more direct name? The Makeup Blogger is owned by Christina Farrell, and her philosophy on beauty is very direct. In her seventeen years as a makeup artist, her client list has included people like Carrie Fisher and Valerie Bertinelli. She’s even done ads for Gucci. If there’s anyone whose opinion you should trust, it’s the opinion of this seasoned makeup veteran. As someone who’s tried everything, you can value her word as much as you would the word of your best friend. 

49. Miss makeup Magpie

MissMakeupMagpieFair skinned ladies rejoice. Gemma describes herself as a makeup magpie, implying that she’s eager to gather up all the makeup and put it in her nest. She also frequently mentions how very pale her complexion is. If you have very fair skin, you understand how difficult it is to find makeup products that match and coordinate with your skin tone. Struggle no more. Gemma does all the hard work for you, so you’ll know who you can turn to for reliable foundation, blush, powder, highlight, and contour for your milky hue. 

50. Miss Maven

MissmarvenIn addition to running a beauty blog, Teni Panosian also happens to look like the lost Kardashian sister. On her blog, Teni shares tutorials, swatches, reviews, and lifestyle articles. Her style section focuses on her favorite outfits, and also features the occasional chat with a celebrity. This blog is simple with very straightforward content. Jump on board now, as it will soon exceed its modest size and become a giant empire.

51. Cafe makeup

CafeMakeUpThere’s nothing fancy about this blog. It’s the message behind it that counts. Café Makeup is run by Amy and Liz, who are a mother and daughter team of makeup fanatics. They each contribute to the blog, and the project is a labor of love for the both of them. They’re very sincere in their approach, disallowing sponsored posts and paid product promotion. The result is a genuine beauty blog with a sweet sentiment lying underneath. 

52. My Women stuff

myWomenStuffParis lives in Malaysia, and also all over the internet. My Women Stuff was one of the first beauty blogs on the internet, and remains to be one of the most popular in her home country. Malaysia natives will be excited to learn of all the luxury product dupes they can find at Daiso, and potential tourists will know exactly what to look for when they get there. Speaking of dupes, finding great dupes seems to be Paris’s superpower. Have a look at her blog and find out how much money you can save taking the alternate route. 

53. Olive and Ivy Blog

OliveAndIvyOlive and Ivy is run by one person, whose name is neither Olive nor Ivy. Chelsea professes to keep it real on her blog, and describes herself as real and down to earth. This is a for-profit blog, so you’ll see a lot of sponsored posts along the way. If you skim through them, you’ll find a lot of her favorite products. She’s especially passionate about nail polish, and writes tons of posts about her undying love for Julep Maven products.

54. Glitter Geek

GlitterandGeekCanada based Arianne is not only a makeup enthusiast, but also a makeup artist. Her blog is exceedingly easy to navigate, organizing products by brand for quick sorting. Collections are divided by seasons and years, and her step by step photo tutorials are a breeze to follow. Picture tutorials seem to have fallen out of favor, but they’re excellent for people who may not have enough time to sit down and watch an entire video tutorial. Arianne is one of the few people who still provides them, and she deserves appreciation for that.

55. Fleur de Force

FleurdeforceFleur initially made her name on YouTube before creating a presence in the vast web of beauty blogs. The author of The Glam Guide uses her blog as an extension of her YouTube channel. She’ll typically post text and photo reviews to accompany video reviews. If you like being able to watch a review, and then seeing still images of the swatches and products, you’ll like being able to bounce back and forth on Fleur’s blog.

56. Raging rouge

Jen Raging RougeJen is a bargain hunter with expensive tastes. We’ve all drooled over luxury items, knowing it would break bank to buy them. Jen likes to do her makeup shopping smart, but also finds some excellent high end deals. She’s here to tell you what to buy during gift with purchase events at your local makeup counter. She posts about free samples and promotional offers that are going on, so you have a chance to sample the finer stuff without spending a penny. Let Jen help you get a beautiful face on a shoestring budget. 

57. Makeup tips-Blog

makeupTipsThis Australian blog, run by Evangeline Sarney, aims to provide more useful tips than the ones that commonly float around. She was dissatisfied by the lack of information she was looking for online, and decided to take things into her own hands. In addition to providing excellent and uncommon advice, she also answers readers’ questions on a regular basis, publishing those answers on the site for everyone to benefit from. Evangeline has a lot of wisdom to share, and we can all use a little more wisdom in our lives.

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