Instruction for handling contact lenses


Below tips will help guide you, but if you have any eye irritation or a condition that requires attention, please consult your
eye care practitioner immediately.



icon Always wash your hands with mild soap and dry with a lint-free towel before handling your lenses.
icon Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them.
icon Always handle the right hand side of the lens first, to avoid mixing up the right and left lenses.
icon Make sure your hands are free from any lotion or cream before handling soft contact lenses.
icon Insert your lenses before putting makeup on and remove your lenses before taking your makeup off.
icon Do not participate in any water sports while wearing your lenses.
icon Remove your lens before you go to bed.
icon Never wear your lenses beyond the period recommended by your eye care practitioner.


Inserting the lens into your eyes.

1. Rinse your lenses with multi-purpose solution before you put them in.
2. Put one of the lenses on the tip of your index finger. Make sure the lens is in a bowl shape if not flip the lens inside out.

3. Hold the upper eyelid from above with one finger of your left hand (Fig 1).
4. Place the lens carefully on the middle of the cornea, holding the lower eyelid down with the middle of the right hand (Fig 2).
5. Slowly release upper eyelid, look down and gently close your eye (Fig 3).
    Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.


Remove the lens from your eyes.

1. You may want to use a lubricating and rewetting drop just before you remove your lenses.
2. One or two drops in each eye will moisten the lenses and make them easier to remove.
3. Remove lens with thumb and index finger.
    Repeat the same procedure for the other eye.


Cleaning and Care.

icon Before inserting the lens after removing it from the eye, always rinse the lens with contact lenses solution suggested by your practitioner.
icon After wearing your lenses, store them in a case filled with fresh contact lens solution.
icon If you do not wear your lenses frequently, change the contact lens solution in the case with fresh solution once a week.