20 Halloween Eye Makeup that makes all eyes on you.


Halloween is getting close, with proper makeup set and a suitable circle lenses, these 20 Halloween eye makeup ideas that make you stand out from the crowd.

Bats at Midnight

Bat at midnight Halloween eye makeup

This sexy cut crease look offers a sultry Arabic liner shape with some impressive eyeliner detailing and rhinestone edges. Wear this with a black dress to your Halloween party, and all eyes will be on you.

Bats at Sunset

Bats at Sunset Halloween eye makeup

This one looks like it’s complicated, but it’s actually an easy way to look like you spent a long time on your makeup. Apply and smudge thick black liner on both the upper and lower lashline, blow it out with a neon orange eyeshadow, and add your bat details. Quick, easy, and fun.


beetlejuice Halloween eye makeup

This one is a feminine twist on a classic whimsical horror character. It’s just as simple as it looks, relying on that killer winged shape to add some interesting flair.

Blood Shot

Blood Shot Halloween eye makeup

Looking to take your nurse costume to a new level? Ditch the sexy vibe and go for something hauntingly memorable. If you aren’t confident in your ability to illustrate the syringe, this look would come out just as well without at.

Cat Eye

Cat Eye Halloween eye makeup

How’s this one for a twist on a cat eye? Using the shape of your natural brow to create the tail of a cat is a brilliant way to utilize your upper lid space. To avoid being too over the top, use a plain black lid with a purple crease on the other side. It’s all about balance with these looks.

Dark Willow

Dark Willow Halloween eye makeup

This is the embodiment of the perfect horror look that’s still feminine enough to keep you alluring. Just apply a black and white cut crease like normal, and then add in some wispy details with black liquid liner on a thin brush. It’s a simple technique that makes a big impact.

Evil Queen

evil queen Halloween eye makeup

This is a villainous makeup that anyone can do, because most of the artistry comes from the rhinestones. Use eyelash glue and tweezers to set rhinestones into areas where you need them. You’ll look like you spent forever on your eye makeup, but this is quick and easy for last minute looks.


Flame Halloween eye makeup

This look is interesting while still remaining simple enough to apply to a variety of costumes. Using an angled brush to fill in points of eyeshadow will create a sharp, defined look above the brow.


Frankenstein Halloween eye makeup

This look makes brilliant use of the brow as a place to lay stitches. No matter what you do with your eye makeup, the eyebrow slashing piece will be the showstopper. Try to stick to greens, grays, yellows, and blues for your main color palette.


Frozen Halloween eye makeup

These looks certainly aren’t for beginners, but they’re absolutely breathtaking. The simple addition of a wig and a plan dress will do all the talking for you if you’re brave enough to attempt one of these painstakingly meticulous artistic creations.

Ghost Scare

Ghost Scare Halloween eye makeup

We really love these liquid liner art pieces for their ability to transcend the boundaries of makeup and step into the territory of conventional art. As always, if you’re going to attempt one of these looks, confine it to one eye. Keeping it simpler on the other will prevent your face from looking chaotic.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween eye makeup

This look is great if you don’t plan on dressing up. This sharp winged look featuring classic Halloween colors is a great way to show your spirit without going overboard.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn

Batman costumes are popular this year, so you can expect to see a lot of other people going as Harley Quinn. This is a beautiful and elegant way to set yourself apart from other Harleys. By forgoing the face paint and concentrating the details around your eyes, you’ll be accentuating your facial features rather than whiting them out.


Maleficent Halloween eye makeup

This intermediate level work showcases rich colors and a sinister vibe. If you want to be a sensuous supervillain, look no further than Maleficent. Keep your hand steady and give this one a try.


Sally Halloween eye makeup

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a timeless holiday film beloved by everyone. The amount of minor details in this look is absolutely astounding. It’s brilliant how she used the curvature of her eye to shape the outer edge of Sally’s leg.

She Wolf

Shewolf Halloween eye makeup

The black stripes in this look are reminiscent of claw marks, and that makes this look excellent for a werewolf costume. As long as you’re utilizing the white and the black, you can substitute any color for the burgundy. We suggest trying it with brown for a more subtle approach.

Spooky Night

Spooky Night Halloween eye makeup

Oh, wow, that brow! Using the brow to form a straggling, billowing tree in the night was absolutely brilliant. This is a great look for people with damaged brows, as it will allow you to hide your regrowth while still looking incredible.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter Halloween eye makeup

The thing that makes this look so astounding is the contrast. Neons, especially when placed against black, really create a shocking pop. If you don’t think you can accomplish all the tiny details, try swapping the upper lid out for a bold turquoise smokey eye and mimicking the undereye area.

The Riddler

The Reiddler

This is a complicated look that’s surprisingly easy to recreate. Simply swiping a large wing along a standard cut create will form the basic shape for this look. Applying glitter with an eye safe glitter base adds a pop of something unique, and the question marks are simple enough to draw with a steady hand.


Web Halloween eye makeup

It’s easier than you may think to draw a spiderweb around your eye. On paper, practice drawing diagonal lines and connecting them with wide “c” shapes. When you’re comfortable with your ability to draw the design, duplicate it on your eye. For this kind of drawing, a felt tip marker style liquid eyeliner will give you the best results.

Let us know what is your choice for this Halloween. Share the story with friend, family and let's have wonderful Haloween.

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