Summer Lip Color Trends for 2015


          With summer right around the corner, it's time to start making changes in your regular beauty routine. Spring was all about that clean, fresh faced look and most of us were still rocking our lip balms and super sheer, hydrating lip products to beat and defeat out dry and cracked winter ravaged lips. As the season changes and our pout is back to its juicy plump, now is great time to experiment with bolder and more fun beach ready lip colors.

Lip color for summer 2015

          Coral is kind of a controversial color - some people associate it with an era past that's no longer seen as fashionable or desirable, but sooner or later, everything has to make a comeback. Coral is here to tell us that it didn't plan on staying gone for long. Unlike the old corals that we're used to, newer corals are far from that pale, dated salmon shade. Summer corals are brighter and infused with an edgy pop of soft tangerine, so they'll especially complement blue eyes and a soft tan. Don't be afraid to play around with bolder and deeper orange toned corals. When worn with a soft eye look, putting the focus on your lip makes a statement while saving you tons of work trying to get that eyeliner on point.

          What you should be hesitant about this summer is your favorite nude lipsticks. In the winter, you weren't getting as much sun, and your nudes were suited to your delicate winter glow. Now that you're shooting for an envied bronze radiance, your old nude shades may wash your face out, making you look pale or sickly. Replace your nude with a warmer soft rose, or a subtle natural brown tone if you're feeling daring. These lip colors will boost the appearance of your tan instead of clashing with it.

          If you've ever been curious about brighter fuchsias or intense metallic lip colors, now would be the time to break them out. Summer gives us an opportunity to play around more with our makeup, busting out all of the fun shades that collected dust while we were wearing our deep winter reds and sheer spring peaches. Grab an electric magenta or a neon hot pink to keep things bright and interesting. If you don't feel too comfortable with the idea of channeling all of the focus on your lips, or you simply prefer a less made-up look, play with subdued true rose or golden pink shades for a more natural version of the classic vixen look.

          Summer beauty is about fun in the sun and a waterproof look for splashing in the pool at a backyard barbecue or surfing the waves under a cloudless sky, and eye makeup doesn't tend to hold up as well as a good long wear lip color or a lip stain. Experiment with different long wearing lipsticks and lip stains instead of traditional cream formulas. When you're having a blast, and taking vacation pictures with your friends, the last thing you want to worry about is having to touch up.

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