Monday Beauty Tips: Chosing The Right Bronzer For You


          In the summer, we all want a golden, gorgeous glow. We want to look like Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Lopez. We want to be beautiful, but not look orange. A lot of us will instead opt for natural sun or a tanning bed, but we should know by now, we have to be careful. The sun and tanning beds can both age us and cause some potentially devastating health effects if we don't limit our usage and wear sun screen appropriately. So how do all of these gorgeous bronze goddesses parade the gold tone around with radiant skin, free from signs of skin damage? It's simpler than you may think: they fake it. Beauty isn't worth the pain or the risk of skin cancers associated with overexposure to the sun or living in a tanning bed, and our favorite celebrities know that. They'll find and use the perfect bronzer any day of the week rather than take their chances.

          So how do you find a bronzer that looks like a natural tan instead of an orange, glittery mess? If you don't know what to look for, that may be a tricky dilemma to solve. To look less made up and more naturally tan, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping around for a great bronzer. If you want to cheat your way to the perfect tan, here's your checklist to go over in the beauty aisle or makeup store.

          The number one thing that's going to signal to people that you're wearing bronzer and you didn't wake up that way is the amount of shimmer on your face. As much as many of us would love it if they did, faces just don't naturally shimmer. A matte bronzer is always your safest bet for your best complexion. If you're really set on a radiant finish, go for a satin bronzer. This would mean that it doesn't have distinct glitter or shimmer particles in it, but instead has a slightly pearly formula. Just be sure to use it sparingly.

          The much dreaded orange look is something we all know by now is an absolute no-go when it comes to bronzing. Unfortunately, when you're looking at a bronzer in the store, looks can be deceiving. It may look wonderful in the packaging, but become a total nightmare when you apply it. The best way to decide whether or not a bronzer will apply with a natural hue is to compare the shade to cocoa powder, or hot chocolate mix. That soft, earthy brown shade will always tell you that the color is not going to look artificial. If the color looks much warmer than those things, it's not going to look natural on the skin. A bronzer shouldn't look too gold by itself. It should be the combination of the bronzer laying over the color of your skin that produces the golden tone.

          Another thing to seriously consider is how far off the particular shade is from your skin tone. It's easy to buy a bronzer that's going to contrast with your natural coloring far too much, and this may cause you to look like you have a dirty face. That's a huge no-no. Imagine a gradient. If that particular shade is more than three shades darker than your skin, you could very well walk away with some serious buyer's remorse.

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  • Eric Nguyen
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