Monday Beauty Tips: Get The Doll-Eyed Look


          Great big wide eyes make us look awake, alert, doll-like, and cheery. It seems to be that everyone is lusting over a wide eyed look, and getting one can be tricky. The desire for larger eyes is not a new one - it's actually been around since the invention of eye makeup. Eye makeup was invented many moons ago, and since then, the technology in the beauty industry has greatly improved. A lot of us are still following tips from decades ago that are no longer current or efficient, considering all the fun new makeup products on the market which have been made to specifically address these desires. We no longer need to rely on the professionals for achieving the feat of larger looking eyes, because everything we need is within our reach for an affordable price.

          An old tip you're likely familiar with is the white eyeliner trick. You may have been told to apply a stark white eyeliner to your waterline to maximize the size your eyes appear to be. This does work, but more often times than not, it stands out severely. Your eyes will look fuller and rounder, but you may also come out looking like a cartoon. Ditch the old way and roll with the new way. Many makeup brands now make a flesh colored eyeliner pencil. If this ever seemed confusing to you before, it's about to make a lot more sense. Flesh colored eyeliners serve to essentially erase the waterline, reducing the appearance of the waterline. By opting for flesh colored eyeliner over white eyeliner, you're going to get the look you desire without looking like you've used makeup to do it.

           In general, it's never a bad idea to avoid applying any kind of dark colored makeup beneath the eye, as this will close it in - the exact opposite of what you're aiming for. On top of the eye is a different story. Using a black liquid liner to create a thin, rounded band up against your natural eyelashes. Doing this will give you the appearance of thicker eyelashes and a more open eye shape. It's a great way to cheat your natural anatomy into looking more like you would desire it to. If you so choose, you can top that eyeliner with a pair of very long, thin, wispy false lashes that are fullest in the middle. This will further drive the point home that your eyes are much rounder than they actually are. People naturally associate the round eye shape with larger eyes. If you force them to see a roundness, they'll perceive your eyes as larger.

          You can also work from the inside out. Circle lenses add a stark roundness to the center of the eye, creating a convincing illusion. The perfect circle of the lens pattern will make people who look at you recognize that shape first and foremost. It almost seems too easy, but tricking people with the distraction is one of the most effortless and effective ways to cheat your way to larger eyes.


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  • Eric Nguyen
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